Join Nicolas and Chris as we journey through our four corners: Console, PC, Apple, and Tabletop - with a focus on games that are great to play if you've got kids.

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Can You Play Fortnite on the Playdate?

Nick is trying to convince Chris to buy a Playdate. How has Nick enjoyed his Playdate? What games are grabbing him? What's he cranking on? Also: There's now VR in Chri...

MarioKart Expansion, Halo TV, Apple Arcade Multiplayer Woes, and Xbox Game Pass Speed Run

We experiment with Apple Arcade multiplayer options, review the Halo TV series, Minecraft comes back around again, Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo, and Chris takes a...

Nintendo Direct, Dad Games, VR, and Risk

A quick recap of the latest Nintendo Direct, talking Dad games, VR, more Wordle clones, Wylde Flowers, Duolingo, Risk: Game of Thrones, and Battleship.

A Brief History of Star Trek Games

We cover Sony buying Bungie, a few Apple Arcade releases like Bridge Constructor+, before Nick takes over with a brief history of Star Trek video games.

Forza Fun, NFT Not, Microsoft Buys Everything, and Wordle!

We're back (finally) and ready to talk Forza Horizons 5, more NFT mayhem, Microsoft buying everything, and Wordle spinoffs.

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