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Can You Play Fortnite on the Playdate?

Nick is trying to convince Chris to buy a Playdate. How has Nick enjoyed his Playdate? What games are grabbing him? What's he cranking on? Also: There's now VR in Chri...

MarioKart Expansion, Halo TV, Apple Arcade Multiplayer Woes, and Xbox Game Pass Speed Run

We experiment with Apple Arcade multiplayer options, review the Halo TV series, Minecraft comes back around again, Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo, and Chris takes a...

Nintendo Direct, Dad Games, VR, and Risk

A quick recap of the latest Nintendo Direct, talking Dad games, VR, more Wordle clones, Wylde Flowers, Duolingo, Risk: Game of Thrones, and Battleship.

A Brief History of Star Trek Games

We cover Sony buying Bungie, a few Apple Arcade releases like Bridge Constructor+, before Nick takes over with a brief history of Star Trek video games.

Forza Fun, NFT Not, Microsoft Buys Everything, and Wordle!

We're back (finally) and ready to talk Forza Horizons 5, more NFT mayhem, Microsoft buying everything, and Wordle spinoffs.

2021 Year End

We're wrapping up the year with a final trip around our 4 corners.

Holiday Gift Guide Extravaganza - 2021 Edition

We've put corners inside of corners to bring you our picks for the best holiday gifts for the gamer in your life.

What is a GameCube? Xbox Turns 20. ExtraLife Streaming. And Oregon Trail vs Civilzation 6.

Chris played Civilization, Nick played a bunch of games for ExtraLife, and we talk about Xbox turning 20, kids not knowing what a Gamecube is, and ponder if reality is...

Nobody Likes NFT or Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Plus, Except Animal Crossing Fans

Where's Nick's Playdate? Nintendo Switch Online pricing and Animal Crossing DLC. NFT and gaming don't mix. And Nick plays a bunch of Apple Arcade games so you don't ha...

Binders Full of PC Games, Star Wars Games, & Sports Game Microtransactions

What's happening to NBA2K22? Nintendo Direct with N64 / Genesis games, Mario Bros. movie casting, and Animal Crossing updates. Star Wars Squadrons on Amazon Prime. App...

Breath of the Wild, Apple Event Recap, Ikea Furniture, and the D&D Musical

If you can read this, you're standing too close. Nick finished Hades, Chris hasn't finished Breath of the Wild, and IKEA's got some furniture for your gaming room.

Chris Plays Hades, Nick Plays Fortnite

Chris tries Hades before his GamePass expires, Nick tries Fortnite and is old-man confused, new Apple Arcade Games are tried - Do-Don-Pachi, Masterchef, Zen Pinball, B...

Do You Even Dutch Blitz? Pokemon, Fortnite Among Us, Mario and Sonic, and Back to School

Be sure to check out Goodstuff’s newest show, Click and Flick! On this episode we’re talking Pokemon, Mario and Sonic at the Oympics, Fortnite’s Among Us rip off, and ...

Playdate Pre-ordered and Toxic Game Devs

Nick got his Playdate pre-order, we talk Blizzard toxicity and gaming, new additions to Apple Arcade, and Exploding Kittens and Villainous.

Steam Deck, PAX East, and Lost Cities

Did you pre-order a Steam Deck? Nick takes in PAX East, Chris tackles Roblox fascism, and we chill out with Alto’s Odyssey Lost Cities.

New Nintendo Switch, Gang Beasts, Solitaire Stories, and Villainous

We debrief the new Nintendo Switch OLED upgrade, talk Gang Beasts stupidity and hilarity, Nick builds a gaming empire in Game Dev Story+, and Chris is introduced to th...

Legends of Kingdom Rush vs Wholesome Games vs Family Fortnite

We catch up on the latest Nintendo Direct, Hades on Xbox, Final Fantasy, and Wholesome Games Direct. Recent Apple Arcade games include Legends of Kingdom Rush, Frenzic...

Playdate, WWDC, and the Apple TV

We talk about the Playdate announcement, and what we felt was relevant or interesting to Arcade and mobile gaming coming out of WWDC 2021.

Apple TV 4K Review - We Will Get to the Remote In a Bit

We review the new Apple TV 4K that arrived in both our homes this past weekend and don’t actually get to even reviewing the remote. Next time! Also: Fortnite updates a...

Making Your Own Video Game

We’re talking about Nintendo Switch Game Builder Garage, Simon’s Cat Story Time, Apple building a Switch, and Hard Wired Island.

Finally! New Apple TV Hardware - What Do We Talk About Now?

New Apple TV hardware, petting the dog in games, MLB The Show, Fortnite Vaccine Victories, and Cloud City / Sushi Go!

Indie World Showcase, Apple Arcade Dump, Bitcoin Cards, and Chess

We talk Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase, bitcoin video cards, Apple Arcade dump of great new games, and chess gets pulled out again.

Rendezvous Points in Space with Dinosaurs in Fortnite

FOMO on Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Fortnite Gets Dinosaurs, No Man’s Sky Amazing Race, and Nick DM’s a D&D Campaign.

Learning to Run and Jump in Mario, Sp!ng, Pogs, D&D, and Fortnite Season 6

In Console corner we’re talking Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Ring Fit, Nintendo vaulting games, and Fifa ‘20. In Apple Corner it’s Fitness+ and Sp!ng. And Nick’s returni...

Buying Windows for Fall Guys, Multiplayer Woes for Kids, and Games in the Catan-a-verse

We’re talking Fall Guys, Apple blocking local multiplayer for kids, RIP to Nick’s Dad’s Apple TV, and Tabletop Corner updates.

25 Episodes of 25c - Minecraft, Breath of the Wild, and Diablo!

Minecraft is back, Breath of the Wild reviews from 2017, Nintendo Direct updates, and BlizzConline thoughts.

Mass Effect 4K, Breath of the Wild Dad Edition, Rummoli, and a Run through Recent Apple Arcade Games

We chat about the Mass Effect reissue, Chris plays Breath of the Wild for his kids, Apple Arcade updates, and Rummoli?

Pokémon, Hades, Minecraft Dungeons, Ring Fit, Nuts, and TableTopia

Catching up on holiday games and gifts - Pokémon, Hades, Minecraft Dungeons, Ring Fit, Nuts, and TableTopia! Oh My!

Apple TV Gaming, No PS5 or Xbox X, Apple Watch 6, and Catan vs Pandemic

We’re talking Apple’s event as it relate to video games, the Apple Watch, whether we’re ordering a Playstation or Xbox, and playing board games in the time of a Pandemic.

Tony Hawk, Apple Events, and Nobody Knows Scott Pilgrim

Chris skates up a storm, Nicolas dreams of Star Trek in VR, and we preview what might be coming from next week’s Apple event.

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