Join Nicolas and Chris as we journey through our four corners: Console, PC, Apple, and Tabletop - with a focus on games that are great to play if you've got kids.

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Creak, Last Campfire, Micro-SD Cards, and LAN Parties

If we’re waiting until 2021 for an Apple TV, should Chris build a gaming PC? We talk Nintendo Direct, Tabletop Simulator, Creak, Last Campfire, and Tony Hawk Pro Skate...

A Tale of Crows Going Camping to Play Fortnite

We catch up after a few weeks away to talk camping, Paper Mario, Beyond a Steel Sky, Decoherence, GoT Tale of Crows, Fortnite and Marvel vs Apple, and what’s to come.

The Animal Crossing Line Has Been Crossed - We Are On the Island Now

Bad graphs, cancelled trips, screen time getting enabled, and Apple Arcade contracts getting cancelled. The good news is we talk about Animal Crossing? Bundle, Just Dance, Animal Crossing, and Still No New Apple TV Hardware

We talk about the games offered in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, Just Dance and Animal Crossing on the Switch, Apple’s WWDC announcements, and Gr...

25c TV Prime Plus Bonus: A Discussion of Where We Watch TV and Movies

While recording the previous episode, we went on a long enough tangent discussion around Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and all the ways to watch TV and movies in 2...

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